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Hidden Gem Review, Maerchen Maedchen

What is the Premise?

Hazuki is an anti social girl that lives with a kind step mother and sister. She runs and escape to the worlds of books every time she face with trouble. Finding a odd book in her bag she soon see an invisible person that only she can see. Following her she ends up in a world of magic with her book being a magic book giving her powers from the story Cinderella. Her mother did always tell her to find her own story, but was it really hers?

What type of show is it?

It is a Fantasy Magic School show. Over the top Fan Service at first. It at force focus a lot on Hazuki learning about the world of magic before all the focus become about the Magic girl battles in tournament. But it appears to be lots of moving pieces behind the scenes.

Is it a Hidden Gem?

First episode was given away by the opening. Side fact the show was half over before we got the real opening. While I kind of like the animation of the first episode it slowly got worst till it was super bad. They left the last two episode to be released over a year later. If they had not I’m wonder the mess we would of got for the ending. It started with Tons of fan service and clearly a Yuri focus. Bit later they introduce a tournament between magic girls. If you didn’t know it was suppose to be 5 vs 5 till like the 2nd or 3rd fight I would forgive you. By the end the fights felt empty, they forgot all about the cringey fan service, and well, I’m not sure there is anyone recommend the anime to.

Rating : Not a Gem
An anime that miss it’s mark, although I will say Laughable despite being so bad

How much of it is there?

One Season, You can watch Here

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